I worked for Sky UK between July 2015 and October 2016.

I was employed by Sky as a User Interface Designer for one of Sky’s biggest and most successful products – Sky+HD. During my time here I worked on features, concepts and designs that spanned over 5 releases as well as minimal work on the Sky+ app. This portfolio covers some of what my team and I worked on.

Sky+ HD homepage design

New Sky+ Homepage

We were tasked to create a new homepage for Sky+HD that would surface more of the companies award winning content to it’s millions of UK users.

After many irritations the design you see above started to take place. We kept the 8 main navigational tiles from the previous design and added an editorially controlled ‘Top Picks’ area that would target customer subscriptions.

This design was one of the biggest changes that had happened to the Sky+ HD box in about 4 years and proved a hit with customers, we saw the users that went to “Top Picks” double in the first few months.

Old homepage design

Homepage re-design

Other features in this release


New services homepage
We moved all the key Sky+ settings into one place. This meant we were able to present the services in a new and more visual way where they were all in one place.

Viewing Progress Bars

Viewing Progress bar
We introduced a viewing progress bar into the EPG to visualise how much a user had watched of their episodes. Prior to this we just stated ‘Viewed’ on the first level.

Continue Tab

Continue tab
When the Viewing Progress bar it was decided that we’d introduce a tab that would only display the programmes you were currently watching. This meant users wouldn’t have to search through pages of their planners to find their programmes.

Download Next

Download Next
While there was minimal UI needed for this feature the download next supported the continue tab by automatically downloading the next episodes for users if they were available.

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