Kidd&Fraizer landing screen

The Brief

To create a WordPress Website for Kidd&Fraizer.

Founded by 2 university individuals, Kidd&Fraizer started off as a talent agency, but slowly moved into an investment group. They seek out local events, talented people and startups.

“Our whole identification is about black and white, Kidd is black, Fraizer is Caucasian. The design should be clean and bold, very interactive and user friendly.“

The Concept

I wanted to create a good looking corporate site that showed off what Kidd&Fraizer did. They had quite a specific target audience so taking this into consideration I sourced them great images and created a consistent page design to help users.

The Solution

Kidd&Fraizer has a lot of media attached to their site so I tried to make it as easy to navigate as possible. Using sidebars on blog posts / page and a search function in the navigation. It also work’s great on mobile. 

They are very happy with the final result and have received great feedback from others.