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To redesign and rebrand ‘Helen Whittaker Art’ and ‘Barley Studio’s’ (+ 2 sub brands):

“The design must have a consistent look and feel throughout which will eventually be added to the website. This is to enforce the brand.”

To use the new design and create a new portfolio for Helen.


Helen and Barley’s current branding and design didn’t do the work justice. It was tired, scattered and busy.

I wanted to create a brand they would be proud to show off but that also highlighted the craft and skill of her work by taking the history into account. Using 13th Century stained glass window colours and a mix of typography the marques took shape and began to become window themselves, each one reflecting the individual roles of the company. I used a mix of Serif and Sans-serif fonts to combine the old and new styles and give the brand a more Modern approach.

Helen Portfolio Design
Helen Portfolio Design
Helen Portfolio Design
Helen Portfolio Design