Confessions is an app design for those in need of a little comfort in life…

Having a bad day? Or just feeling a little down? Don’t worry! Confessions can help put a smile back on your face.

Log on to read about others in the world who are having an equally bad or even worse time in life than you are

UI Design

The Challenge

“Research has revealed that more people are treating themselves to those small indulgences as a kind of mini reward.”

Create something that shows the idea of guilty pleasures.

The Concept

I wanted to focus on the idea of ‘gossip’ as my guilty pleasure. I believe that everyone secretly likes to know that someone else is having a worse time in life than them. Resulting in my guilty pleasure idea.

I didn’t want to do anything print based with this idea, as it’s not in realtime. I came up with the solution of designing an anonymous social media app.

Confessions App
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