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Sky+HD Homepage Redesign

Sky UK

Sky+HD is Sky's most successful set top box platform on the market with over 20 million customers. During my time at Sky I worked on features and concepts that spanned over 5 releases. The biggest and most impactful being the homepage redesign.

Sky+HD Homepage

“Be the best in the world at connecting customers with content”

We were tasked to create a new homepage that would surface more of Sky’s award winning shows and movies.

After many iterations the design you see above started to take place. We kept¬† the 8 main navigation tiles and added the editorially controlled ‘Top Picks’ area. This would be personalised based on the customers subscription.


This design was the biggest change to happen to Sky+HD since the original homepage launch 4 years before. We saw usage of “Top Picks” double in the first couple of months after launch.

Other features in this release

Services homepage

We moved all the key Sky+ settings into one place. This meant we were able to present the services in a new more visual way.

Viewing progress bar

We introduced a viewing progress bar into the EPG to visualise how much of the asset had been watched. Prior to this the only indication was the word ‘Viewed’.

Continue watching

As a natural next step from introducing the viewing progress bar we created a filter on the menu that would only display assets that were in progress.

Download Next

Download next was the first iteration of ‘binge-watching’ in Sky+. If a customer was watching a series we would automatically download the next episode so a customer wouldn’t have to do anything to keep watching.