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NOW TV Service Design


During my time at NOW TV I work across service and product design. My service design was primarily focused on the Account, Help and Community websites. Below are a list of the projects and features I worked on.

  • Broadband assurance flows
  • ‘Get in touch’ page optimisation
  • Article feedback footer
  • 404 error pages
  • Gift with purchase
  • Customer loyalty
  • Refund form
  • My account survey interaction design
  • My account dashboard
  • Incidents centre
  • Help styleguide
  • Copywriter article guide
  • Live chat design
  • Social media help promotion

Broadband assurance flows

Slow or broken broadband is one of the most frustrating occurrences in the modern world.

The self service flows were designed to be clear and simple, reducing frustration at the point of use. We assumed a lot of our customers would be using their phones 4G network so we designed the interface with ‘mobile first’ principles in mind.

Broadband Assurance

For the second phase of the project, the assurance tool was made intelligent enough to detect your issue before ever having to see a ‘big red screen’.

Social media help promotion

After the “Mayweather V McGregor’ fight in 2017 the help website was overloaded due to too much traffic.

For the next big fight I worked on new visual social media cards to push out to educate customers before the day.

Social Media Marketing

We saw engagement on twitter double and traffic to the relevant help articles imprpved. After the success of this we started to use cards like these to promote other app features.

Incidents centre

This was originally designed as Ireland didn’t have any way of seeing service messaging. The idea was to create a ‘hub’ of any reported incidents and allow incidents to be submitted for monitoring.

Incidents UI

This idea was a form of assurance so we wanted to keep similar UI elements as the broadband service status.

404 error pages

NOW TV is a brand that plays on its personality. Yet most of the ‘service’ messaging was written by developers and not useful for the users. Each area of My account and Help have their own URLs, we found that every 404 page was designed differently and none were useful in navigating people around the websites.

404 Page Design

The UI was designed to be creative, funny and to provide clear CTAs to help guide users round the website.