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Real World Learning Project

School 21 and BT Sport

BT Sport partner with School 21 on their ‘Real World Learning Project’. This initiative lasts around a term and a half and pupils from the school work on solving a ‘real life’ problem in the working environment. The BT Sport brief given to the students this year was:

“If you could invent a brilliant sports service for TVs, phones, tablets and computers aimed at 16-24 year olds, what would you do?”


The students decided they didn’t want to create a new service but wanted to improve on the current BT Sport app.

I was asked to sit with the students for an afternoon to introduce them to UX and UI, so they could start thinking about their app. I ran a UX workshop with the students where they individually came up with some wireframes of their perfect app.

After the students presented their work we came up with joint feature priority list and I got them to all redraw their app again in order to settle on a design to mock up.


In following workshops we dug deep on the brief and the students came up with features and ideas to make the BT Sport app more appealing to the target audience. Together we created news stories like instagram and snapchat, and bitesize news articles for people on the go.

This was supposed to be a one-off workshop but I ended up spending around 4 afternoons with the students.

We worked on iterating and editing the app designs. Edited their powerpoint presentation structure and design. Then finally, creating principle prototypes for them to keep on phones, so they could create a promo video and show the app off during their presentation and back to their friends and family.

iPad UI

Being part of this was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my career. To see young minds get excited about design and start to consider it as a potential career was a great feeling.

It was worth all the extra effort I put in and I wish all the students luck in their futures!

School 21 is a pioneering new school in Newham, with a mission to prepare students for success in the twenty-first century. We strive to develop interesting and thoughtful problem solvers, who are creative innovators and confident communicators.”