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BT Kids

BT Challenge Cup

The BT challenge cup gives everyone in BT to come up with solutions to problems, build a team and compete for funding.

Our team was made up of experts from around the business. We had representation from design, propositions, content managers, insights and developers with buy in from marketing and the Director of BT TV and Sport. Our challenge cup statement was:

We want to deliver a kids app that feels like ‘home’ to kids and safe to parents

BT TV Kids currently has the strongest portfolio of paid for content on the market. However, all of BTs competitors have a dedicated kids experience, which leaves BTs proposition unattractive.

The current BT TV app (pictured above) isn’t designed for kids, the UI and lack of security means kids can easily end up watching content that could be harmful to them.

Lastly, in 2019, there’s an ‘age appropriate design’ legislation coming in to help protect kids consuming content. We don’t know the details yet but it’s fair to assume the current kids experience won’t be fit for purpose. 

The design principles of the project reflected BT’s values, personal, simple and brilliant.

The core focus of the app is all about personalisation, we wanted to allow families with multiple children in the household to all have their own profiles and parental controls. Once a profile was set up, these would help shape the individual app experience.

When it came to the user interface design, we took learnings from Ofcom and Netflix as well as internally analysing all the kids apps on the market.

These learnings heavily influenced our UI and brand. We used bold colours, chunky hand drawn icons, bespoke BT characters and big images to aid navigation.

Designing for a young target audience allowed us to create a new sense of personality for BT. Something more ‘fun’ and ‘playful’ than the other BT brands.

We recognised that when designing our app we needed our parents to trust BT and trust that their child is safe when using BT kids or we would not see any benefits.

We designed a host of features that we’re essential like a PIN but also some new feature like a bedtime or virtual pocket money – we’re not saying this is a bribing tool – but say you needed 5 extra minutes to yourself after a hard day at work, or your child has been really good and wanted to watch a film, the idea was that you can gift your kid extra time to indulge in the app.

If this would have turned into a real project we would have done our own testing and research but working with the constraints we had we managed to produce something new and special for BT TV.

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